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"Megijima" in the Seto Inland Sea, which is the home of the Atelier Moperuchui, is also known as "Onigashima" and is said to have become a model of the legendary "Momotaro" Onigashima. "Momotaro" is a very famous folklore in Japan.


Therefore, at Atelier Moperuchui, we created a picture book of "Momotaro" in both Japanese and English so that people all over the world can know the story of Megijima and "Momotaro".


This picture book "Momotaro"  is printed and bound at the studio of Setouchi Megijima, and we deliver picture books all over the world. You can also purchase it on Megijima. Please use it as a memory of your trip or as a gift.


If you live outside of Japan and are considering purchasing a picture book, please contact us via "contact" on the Moperuchui website. Shipping costs vary depending on the country or region you live in.



SKU: 364215376135191
  • Size 120×120×10mm

    Weight 100g